Geotics offers the best energetic solutions for buildings, by means of systems of renewable energy.

Engineering, advice and facilities of one-family houses, large residential building, commercial and industrial facilities.

Energy efficiency

The video presents and discusses the installation of geothermal energy in Vall de Núria, an ideal space for geothermal energy, which is consistent with environmental policy in the area.

The document, prepared by Geotics Innova SL, has received the support of those responsible for Vall de Núria.

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Consultancy and projects

Geothermal installation

Geothermal units of exchange in landscape

Research and development


Customer care

We look for the best energetic solutions for the utilization of the heat (engineering, advice and facilities).
The company develops the following activities:

Engineering, advice, consultancy and projects.

Our commitment is to offer energetic solutions in continuous collaboration with our clients in the area of the technical consultancy.

Installation and marketing equipment

Geotics commercializes the ground source heat pump together with the equipments. Geotics commercializes all the accessories necessary for the accomplishment of a geothermal application.
All these products are made by companies of world reference. The thermal power can be of 200-500 kW

Construction of the geothermal units of exchange

The company designs and constructs all the geothermal collectors with his own means.

Research and development

The application of the modern technologies together with the agreements of university collaboration  (ESADE, UPC, UPF, etc) and projects developed in the frame of the CDTI and CIDEM, have made possible to have two patents of thermal collectors of exchange. Nowadays, we are employed at different applications of utilization of the residual heat, to be used as energetic source.

Installers' network

One of Geotics aims has been to develop a network of approved installers who cover the whole domestic market.

Customer care

Our professionals have direct contact with our clients, we have a system of permanent call to resolve doubts or incidents.
We have the best products for the best solutions.